Wash Life | Fragrance Posse

Posse – it is a Mashup Response to Tom’s ‘Whine’ submit from final week (LOVE that hat, Tom!  I’ve one in ochre however would KEAL for it in black!) and Portia’s ongoing ‘thunk’ posts.  Tom and alityke chatted about utilizing low-cost Spanish EDCs within the laundry – I don’t try this within the washONLY as a result of the scent doesn’t linger – I have a tendency to make use of the C&Cs within the dryer – often splashing it on my arms, then on a moist towel (or one thing else that gained’t stain).  I additionally will use a C&C within the rinse basin of handwashables *C&C = Low cost & Cheerful

Currently, although, I’ve been ‘thunking’ samples and dregs of decants in my laundry – and it’s been an … attention-grabbing.. expertise – principally good… however an occasional O.M.G.   So far as laundry goes, particularly in Summer season, I’m a little bit of a fragrance magpie – I identical to the concept of ‘fragrance’ and I actually like the concept of ‘thunking’ lots of little vials which have a smidge of Eau du No matter, while additionally getting a little bit of Fairly Odor to linger in a drawer.

So… a lot of the citruses and florals are thunked to nice delight. Accomplished with that gallon jug of  4711 or Jean Nate? Swish a little bit of water in there, throw it in your arms then throw it on a few towels headed for the dryer.  They gained’t truly scent of the scent – they simply smell-adjacent.  Ish.  You’ll prefer it!

Once in a while, although….  I imply, actually Musette?  READ THE DAMB LABEL! Or at the least scent the vial earlier than you dump .05ml of OPIUM into the towels!  It’s like that point I spilled Aromatics Elixirs on El O’s leather-based recliner – he didn’t care however I ended up with a low-level migraine for per week!  Mayne! These towels?  3 vinegar rinses later, they nonetheless smelled of Opium, although I’m undecided if they really scent of Opium or if I simply have that PTSD, the place the scent lodges into your taste bud and lingers, probably till you die…… at 96.  Or later.  Or by no means (it’s doable that they may dig me up after the subsequent Ice Age and they might discover traces of Opium or AE nonetheless caught within the bones of my nasal cavities.  Or the mud of the bones ; I wouldn’t put it previous both of these Fragrance T-Rexes!

The dregs of a Give up to Likelihood decant of Chloe (classic) … that one went into the diffuser!  Sheer perfection.  However I might see the place it might actually be a Doable Miss if it acquired lodged in some material.  One other Doable Miss (however it wasn’t – however it almost was) the unique Oscar de la Renta.  Y’all need to Go LIGHT! with that one.  Just about all these 80s powerhouses needs to be wielded with a cautious hand – and also you’d damb nicely higher just like the scent – as a result of it’s gonna hold round for awhile.

Have you ever ever ‘thunk’ed by way of laundry?  Do you ever use fragrance to, nicely, fragrance your laundry? Wash? Rinse?  Most vital:  have you ever ever had a Remorse Thunk, as I did with that damb Opium??  Lordt.  That factor has the half-life of yellowcake!  General, although, I’ve had nice success with the Laundry Thunk – principally the drawers and a little bit of closet motion yields an general Fairly Fragrance Scent.

Oh, yeah.  One different factor:  I wouldn’t ‘thunk’ Canine Laundry, if I had been you.  They don’t prefer it.  And they’re going to do every part they will to do away with the fragrance scent.  Together with scratching The Factor to oblivion.  Ask me how I do know that..


all pictures:  pexels, bless their inventive little horts.