Lemons…. in Life & Fragrance.. (and.. a giveaway!)

My darling Posse,

… for such a good looking fruit (and beautiful tree) lemons get an incredibly dangerous rap.  ‘When life arms you lemons’ ‘_____ is a lemon’, and many others, and many others .  I assumed concerning the fruit/the rap/the odor once I went right down to KY to wash my sister’s home and convey her again up right here, following the demise of her husband ( that was a (mercifully) brief row to hoe for him – and, I’m hoping, for her as effectively).  By no means a housekeeper at the perfect of instances*, the stress of his sudden descent into actual sickness and even suddener (is {that a} phrase?  must be) demise plunged her right into a paralysis that was …. effectively, the home was a catastrophe.  I took the practice down and the very first thing we did was cease at Kroger to choose up espresso, rubber gloves…and lemon-scented cleaners.  Then I brewed a cup (or 3), strapped on the gloves, and commenced to clean the miasma away.

*not dragging her – she can be absolutely the first to say she’s sort of a slob.  A lovable slob, although.

What’s it about lemon?  I really like different citrus cleaners (Orange furnishings polish is. mah. JAM!) however to convey Absolute Cleanliness, nothing beats lemon – no less than for me.  Lime?  It’s astringent, however it has that darker connotation that unbalances the astringency.  Margaritas, mojitos…that’s what I consider once I consider lime.  Lemons?  Glowing water.  And there ya have it. Aside from the furnishings polish, orange cleaner has an oilier richness that doesn’t fairly convey ‘clear’ – no less than to not me (attractive – however not ‘glowing clear’).  So lemon it’s.

The laundry room homes the cat bins. Ew.  And on the shelf above?  A bottle of lemon important oil. Yay!  I scrubbed every part in that room, then rinsed with a lemon EO resolution.  Immediately the room smelled brisker/cleaner, in a method bleach couldn’t obtain.  Maybe it’s as a result of the lemon smelled…wholesome?  Bleach smells like bleach.

Practice down… driving again.  So.  On the journey down I wore an attar.  It (together with most rose-based scents) didn’t sit effectively with my sister (one hysterical episode concerned Aromatherapy Associates first fragrance, which she shriekingly  likened to steel degreaser, considering it was on her husband’s work gloves.  Sigh).  The thought of driving for 10 hours together with her banging on about my fragrance was greater than both of us wanted, so I appeared on her dresser for inspiration.  LOL!  She has each lemon/citrus fragrance ever made.  Much more LOL?  I gave all of them to her.  Marc Jacobs.  June Jacobs (the unique spa fragrance), Contemporary Lemon Sugar… and many others and many others and many others

a few of the Marc J splashes

All very fairly.  Shiny. Contemporary. Glowing.  Garnering tons of compliments (particularly from males – what’s it with them and citrus? ).  All… effectively, ‘boring’ isn’t fairly the phrase I’m on the lookout for… okay.  Sure.  Sure it’s.  I really like all of them  – and I put on them – however they aren’t intriguing.  Then I considered it:  typically ‘intriguing’ isn’t an ideal alternative.  Driving 10 hrs is likely to be a kind of instances the place ‘fairly’ and ‘contemporary’ is likely to be the way in which to go.  So I selected Marc Jacobs and layered it with the FLS, which has a contact extra sweetness.. it was an ideal combo, even when it vanished about 23 seconds after utility.  I want I’d introduced Guerlain AA Lemon Fresca, which has a bit extra endurance, although the anise is usually a bit headachy.  Her choice is for lemon – straight up, with a splash of lemon.  The Marc Jacobs has a teeny little bit of amber within the base, which helps anchor it… virtually.  Anchoring lemon, whereas letting it stay lemony, is like anchoring a cloud.  Should you may maintain it down it might now not be what you outline as ‘cloud’.

We acquired again right here with no fussing about attars. Laughed about a few of her husband’s weirdness (he was a lovable weirdo).   And we even stopped at Culver’s for (await it)…LEMON ICE! Which I await all season, like a mongoose at a cobra’s nest.  I matched the Lemon Cooler!  So.  I can’t actually complain.  Lemon is LOVELY!

And attractive, too!

What’s your tackle lemon?  Citrus generally?  Love them?  Hate them?  ‘Citrus…what’s that?’  Let me know – I’ll have M. Jacques poke a pawnail!  We’ll ship you some Enjoyable Citrus scents.  They received’t be Perfumista-level intriguing…however they sho’ are fairly!!!