How To Determine Out Fancy Diamonds

Fancy colored diamonds are all the trend, however what precisely are they? Are they actual? Are they like common diamonds? And the way do they get their colour? Learn on to get all of the solutions and a few inspo too!

Colored Diamonds

In 2021, a brand new document was set. The biggest, most precious blue diamond was found in South Africa. It was bigger, had a deeper colour than the earlier document holder, and was awarded the very best colour ranking accessible by the GIA, a prize provided to lower than 1% of blue diamonds.

The stone took over a yr to shine and side into the 15.10-carat step-cut diamond it’s right now. Now The De Beers Cullinan Blue diamond is valued at $48 million USD.

Blue Diamond

Whereas THIS fancy coloured diamond is out of attain for many of us right here on the bottom, getting your individual fancy coloured diamond is simpler than ever. James Allen carries quite a lot of sizes and colours to select from.

So get on board with the pattern that’s right here to remain! From engagement rings to high-quality jewellery, fancy coloured diamonds give that distinctive, private edge to your bling. So get able to sparkle, as a result of embracing colour has by no means been extra in model.

What Precisely Are Fancy Coloured Diamonds?

Basically fancy coloured diamonds are diamonds that characteristic quite a lot of colours. Diamonds usually are available in an assortment of colorless choices. Which means that diamonds are both utterly colorless all the best way to quite a lot of gentle yellow.

How Do Fancy Shade Diamonds Get Their Shade?

Whereas in conventional diamonds colour shouldn’t be desired, in fancy coloured diamonds, colour is EXACTLY what you need! From darkish to gentle, colour is what you’re after. So how do they get their colour?

These extremely prized diamonds, just like their conventional counterparts, get their colour when they’re fashioned. Intense warmth and strain through the diamond’s formation create hint components that current themselves in a approach to create both no colour, or for fancy coloured diamonds, sensible colour.

The energy of the colour will depend on the interplay of the hint components. Whether or not you favor a lighter pink or a brighter blue, it’s all in regards to the carbon atoms.

Fancy colored diamonds

The Colours Of The Rainbow

Fancy coloured diamonds can be found in each colour you’ll be able to consider: pink, blue, purple, inexperienced, orange, brown, black, and even crimson or grey. Whereas traditional diamonds lose worth as they acquire colour, fancy coloured diamonds do the other.

The stronger the colour, the upper the worth. Just like conventional diamonds, fancy coloured diamonds acquire worth the bigger the dimensions. The most typical colours are within the yellow household, which is nice as a result of they’re usually probably the most economical alternative of fancy coloured diamonds.

Round colored diamond

Hue, Saturation, and Tone

Hue, saturation, and tone: what are they and what do they imply? Hue is the principle or strongest colour of the flamboyant coloured diamond. Fancy coloured diamonds may be one colour however the hue is the strongest, adopted by secondary colours and tints.

Saturation is simply how robust the colour, or hue, of the flamboyant coloured diamond is. As in, how saturated is the colour of the flamboyant coloured diamond. A flowery coloured diamond’s saturation can go from “gentle” to “intense,” all the best way to “vivid.”

And eventually there’s tone. Tone is how gentle or darkish the flamboyant coloured diamond seems and is determined by the quantity of brown, black, grey, or white colour.

Hue, saturation, and tone all come collectively to find out a elaborate coloured diamond’s grade (gentle, fancy, fancy gentle, fancy intense, vivid, fancy darkish, and fancy deep). Just like their conventional diamond counterparts, fancy coloured diamonds’ worth and match should not decided solely on their grade.

Totally different strokes for various people, completely different grades for various fancy coloured diamonds, for various engagement rings.

Partaking Shade, Unique Type

Fancy coloured diamonds are simply as actual as conventional diamonds and can be utilized in simply as some ways. Fancy coloured diamonds are a preferred alternative, particularly for engagement rings and wedding rings. So how are you aware which fancy coloured diamond is best for you?

Fancy Pink Diamonds

Let’s begin with fancy pink diamonds. Fancy pink diamonds have lengthy been a favourite for individuals who love a burst of colour. As a part of the rarest of diamond colours, earth created pink (and crimson) fancy coloured diamonds are a rare discover, with stories of solely roughly 30 being in existence.

Get your very personal fancy pink diamond engagement ring with James Allen!

Fancy Blue Diamonds

Love of colour shouldn’t be particular to pink. Fancy blue diamonds make a stupendous, calming alternative. One other rarity, fancy blue coloured diamonds are thought to symbolize spirituality, eternity, reality, and devotion. Getting their hue from boron, with their resemblance of a transparent spring sky or a glowing ocean, it’s no surprise fancy blue diamonds are so common.

Take a look at this instance of a Fancy Blue Diamond Engagement Ring!

Fancy Black Diamonds

Or perhaps you wanna go darkish just like the black diamond ring? Fancy black diamonds have a robust colour depth and sparkle with a metallic shine. These unique diamonds are a darling of the style world.

Discovered solely in a number of places, fancy black diamonds are thought to represent love and eternity, making them a fabulously distinctive approach to adorn your finger. Get your individual model from James Allen and begin displaying off!

Fancy Inexperienced Diamonds

Representing life, renewal, and development, inexperienced is a good colour for a elaborate diamond. Fancy green diamonds are extraordinarily uncommon, as they’re created as a result of publicity to radiation. The radiation can come from groundwater or radioactive rocks close to the earth’s floor.

Typically pricier than their counterparts as a result of their rarity, inexperienced diamonds are a full of life colourful alternative for an engagement ring. And don’t fear, whereas the stone might get its colour from radiation, it’s completely secure!

In search of one other colour of the rainbow to make your engagement ring stand out? Take a look at the numerous colours of fancy diamonds that James Allen has to supply!

colored diamonds vs traditional diamonds

Actual Diamonds, Actual Fancy

Fancy coloured diamonds are to not be confused with gemstones (which additionally go nice with diamonds). Fancy coloured diamonds are simply as a lot diamonds as their conventional counterparts.

The benefit is that you could categorical your private model in a very distinctive means utilizing colour. Take a look at these examples beneath or create your individual!

And let’s not neglect fancy coloured brown diamonds, higher referred to as chocolate diamonds.

Along with their rarity and worth, fancy coloured diamonds are extraordinarily common. Directly elegant and classy, fancy coloured diamonds help you add an additional degree of private expression. However don’t be fooled by the title, fancy coloured diamonds are additionally good to put on day by day!

Pair with white gold, yellow gold, or platinum, James Allen has quite a lot of fancy coloured diamonds to create the proper engagement ring. Begin purchasing right now!


1. How are fancy coloured diamonds graded?

Fancy coloured diamonds are graded utilizing the GIA’s colour grading system, which assesses the diamond’s hue, tone, and saturation. The extra intense the colour, the upper the ranking, and the upper the value.

2. Are fancy coloured diamonds an excellent funding?

If you already know what to search for and you buy a diamond with a correct GIA rating- then, sure! Fancy coloured diamonds make an excellent funding. Whereas the coloured diamond market may be risky at instances, there’s consolation in realizing that fancy coloured diamonds are uncommon, coveted, and stunningly beautiful- endlessly!

3. How uncommon are fancy coloured diamonds?

Whereas the rarity of a coloured diamond will depend on the depth of its colour, the quick reply is sure! Fancy coloured diamonds are extremely uncommon and extremely coveted. For instance, lower than 0.1% of diamonds mined are fancy yellow diamonds!

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